Porting boot img mtk

• Combine base’s zImage and port’s ramdisk and recompile to create new boot

img with android kitchen and replaced the kernal file and uneventd

img of stock rom Dec 18, 2017 · In this tutorial, we are going to show how one can root an android device by patching the stock boot

19 Here is the new ROM name ViperOS ROM Features : Smooth And Stable Dual Sim Card And Dual Sim 3G Android 7

img and This tool is open-source and portable, i need help for OSX port

this post was edited by m@nish123 at 19:19, nov-01-2014 hello folks, introducing a cross platform miui rom porting guide for mtk socs note : this guide has 6 parts, one for the system folder changes and the other for the boot

Read more on Chinaphonearena : Chinaphonearena BUT BE AWARE ! DON´T MOD YOUR PHONE WITHOUT A MTK DROID TOOLS BACKUP ! This can brick your phone easily PORTING GUIDE _____ ‪#‎ Another_Guide‬ MT6582 to MT6582 ROM Porting Follow these steps to start porting: Step 1: Unzip/Extract all files using 7-Zip Note: If downloaded PORT ROM is SP flash tool flashable and not recovery flashable then extract system

boot/Replace only camera lines under #Camera from stock boot

kl May 05, 2017 · Hello Friends, Today i am Going to Share an Guide to Port MTK ROMs From Sprout To generic MT6582/92

- Open updater script and change mountspace id (mmcblkpxx) as per ur device

img of port rom and also base rom… • Replace base zImage (kernel) to port’s boot_extracted folder

Jun 21, 2015 · [Guide] MTK Kernel Porting [Custom Rom] Amber L Lollipop Rom for MTK6572 [4

In this post, we will learn about Custom ROM Porting Guide for Helio P10 MT6755, MT67 & 50MT6738

More Information about ROM Porting It is surely an amazing thing as it seems, but there is a problem which you must be aware of

Hi guys, In this Video, i am gonna Show you How you can Port Boot

23 Apr 2017 With the help our guide, learn how to Port TWRP for MediaTek 64 bit MT67XX

rc * Now find these lines and replace with your cpu Follow the steps below to learn How To Successfully Port Rom To Your Phone (MTK Only)

After porting your custom recovery, you can then flash it to your device depending on what files you have

If any lib missing in Base leave that – DONT WORRY [GUIDE] How To Port Any Custom Recovery To MTK Port CWM/TWRP/PhilZ To Any MTK Device NOTE: ALL THIS GUIDES ARE AVAILABLE ON OTHER SITES TOO IF YOU FIND SAME GUIDES OR WORDINGS DO NOT BLAME US STUF CAN BE COPIED WITH PERMISSIONS This guide will work on MT6572, MT6582, MT6577, MT6589, MT6592

x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery Mar 07, 2017 · Oke

img and paste it in the  10 Apr 2014 This is the Easiest and Fastest Guide to Port any MTK Rom to Your catcher_filter

img's respectively from stock rom in "stock" folder & from port rom to "port" Unpack both boot

img dari port rom,biasanya boot,img port rom ini ada didalam zip rom yang akan kita port 2

MTK EXTRATOR/ CALVIK IMAGE KITCHEN? These are the tools which are helpful to unpack and repack boot

com/android/ development/tool-cika-carliv-image-kitchen-android-t3013658 That is port rom for me

Sep 27, 2016 · This tutorial will work on: Walton Primo GH6 Walton Primo GH6+ Symphony i10 and other MT6580, Kernel 3

Once you delete any file, you  26 Jan 2018 If while you're porting TWRP and you encounter the error message "DM_Verity found! You'll need to patch boot

Last edited BT I do get some sort of unhandler exception when I select my boot

img passed to it, including the base address and ramdisk address

Win rar or 7zipper MT6582 MOBILE MT6582 mobile camera not conect: STEP 1: copy these from stock ROM to port ROM [Tutorial] Fix bug on porting ROM [Tutorial] How to unpack/repack and compare boot

So today im back with this wonderful guide on How To Port Latest MIUI 9 For Your Android Device With MTK6753,6735,37

He stated that “this software tool … For some MTK devices, you have to boot with power button + volume up, then select recovery mode from the listed options

Hello Friends, My name is Raj Singh, I am a student and pursuing B

New MTK devices get launch every day and buying device, you feel sad as there is no custom rom, but you can port rom for your device by your own

Reference information on how to use TWRP on a FP2 has been moved into this topic: Using TWRP on the Fairphone 2

4 does for you so ensure to drop feedback at the MTK auto TWRP porter official thread

system>bin>vold mtk porting guide for begners; To fix storage issues do change the below files and repack boot

So friends, if do you have any types of questions or query or suggestions regarding to this articles and facing any problem just feel free to comment below

img, it is showing the following: Invalid sparse file format at header magi Failed to read sparse file Is simg2img used only for extracting system

(research a little more before you try this) mtk cross platform rom porting guide requirments: 1

I have just started taking interest in porting custom rom on an android device and it requires me to have a backup/dump of boot

Requirements to Port Custom ROM to your MTK device: Feb 05, 2016 · Now stop waiting for ported ROMs , follow this guide and port ROM yourself

To be a recovery flashable Your ROM should atleast contain these things

For the benefit of those who have one difficulty or another watching the video tutorial, I have made this text/image only guide to help you flash cwm without root, on your MTK device

img file download mtk resource editor v1 3 mtk rom porting tool mtk roms Nougat Porting guide Oreo Porting guide port boot img Stock Rom boot

img of both stock and port rom using kitchen We have to recombile port rom boot

zip file: some applications like SuperSU may modify the boot

Oct 25, 2015 · Boot into recoveryWipe DataWipe CacheWipe dalvik CacheWipe battery StatsFlash ROM And thats it

If you may encounter bugs of any issue that you can handle then you can comment below so that i can help you fixing them out

img file in google for my other MTK6575 phone and using Mobile Uncle CWM Recovery is working like charm

Silahkan like dan share apabila artikel ini bermanfaat buat anda

[Tutorial] Fix bug on porting ROM [Tutorial] How to unpack/repack and compare boot

system>bin>vold mtk porting guide for begners; May 06, 2016 · Open “ stok_boot ” folder & tap on “ boot

TWRP is a custom touch recovery similar to CWM, but with more functions than CWM

img , zImage 3 comments If you must edit ramdisk or replace zImage in you boot image you don't need to reboot into Linux or install Cygwin environment! 24 Feb 2015 mtk 6572 mt6572 rom os custom development boot logo recovery blog guide root

img-ramdisk to PORT-Ramdisk * Now Do the Same for Stock boot

Porting the roms in mobile phone is very interesting and easy

so I have decided to help new people who are new and having interested in porting with basic knowledge of flashing roms

4 Forced GFX to Highend GFX on Low RAM Device (512MB) increase Performance 482M 7) now unpack the boot img of stock rom and port rom and copy kernal and copy unevented

Want to watch full video guide about porting and flashing Clockworkmod recovery on MTK devices without root access? Jan 03, 2015 · TWRP Recovery Porting Tool: No Link Found

About QURepack: QURepack is a new mtk porting tool for MTK boot

Feb 12, 2016 · Porting ROMs in MTK Smartphones is little bit easy, you must follow all above steps carefully, it’s not 100% Sure that after follow this guide, rom will work properly or boot, you have to fix bugs of roms & Much more knowledge needed

x Note : This is just a reshare since there is much wider audience coming to this site than the original thread : Original Post, Credits also belong to me for cleaning up the tutorial a 5

If you’ve got an older device that isn’t getting updates anymore, or if your device seems unusually slow, or maybe you’re sick of spyware, adware, and other unwanted garbage on your phone that you can’t remove… Feb 20, 2016 · Unpack Boot

Sep 23, 2016 · PORTING MTK !!WARNING!! This method 100% will boot any chipset to your device in init

img MTK Droid Apr 04, 2016 · Hello guys, today I gonna tell you how to port custom rom for MTK devices

5; Download Flappy Bird APK Using APKPure App to upgrade MTK TransfROM, process of porting an MTK ROM to your MTK phone without a PC! at Boot Logo and even READ BOOT

Nov 03, 2016 · Porting Guide for MT-6735 (64 bit) welcome to our blog Let's Start First Create 2 folders named 1 Stock & 2 Port Then Collect some system files by Es File Expl Flyme OS for H60 [MT-6580] Originally only for Google Pixel/Nexus/AOSP standard boot

5; Download Flappy Bird APK • Now use kitchen to decompile boot

img Easily For Mt65xx ,mt67xx etc(mt6592/82,mt6591) For Porting Custom Rom

img for your phone (you can obtain it the same way you obtained stock boot

Nov 19, 2014 · One of the questions that often comes up at www

Currently, the following processors are built-on Helio P10 hardware: Custom ROM Porting Guide for Helio P10 MT6738, MT6750 & MT6755: 1

Directly from the device: some people report read issue leading to corrupted boot


rc * Now find these lines and replace with your cpu Mar 02, 2019 · Its actually telling you that all is good and no need to patch boot

rc * Now find these lines and replace with your cpu Nov 10, 2016 · Porting Guide for MT-6735 (64 bit) now Extract the Custom rom in Port folder & replace all files from Stock to Port Folder & Replace Boot

Device resolutions; data/media warnings :- 1) this guide is intended for developers only


rc find #mali node Oct 18, 2012 · Actually I found a Recovery

Replacing any wrong file or not supported file can easily give you bootloops

Also I had asked my friends like Rohan Taneja for help to port Custom ROM to my device

rc from stock to port Crossporting MT6582 - MT6592 (vice-versa) stock to port rom boot

Jan 01, 2017 · Port MTK ROMs – Pic Credits: Khadirullah! This guide is only for MTK! This will work from same chip to same chip for example MT6582 to MT6582or MT6577 to MT6577, MT6592 to MT6592

This is Best Guide For Sprout ROM Porting Which Includes All The Fixes For all Commmon Issues Which you Will Face After Booting Into ROM

img usually in some miui and lewa roms) all done?? now we are ready to port your favorite rom (i assume you have already downloaded your rom) step 1: use 7zip to extract your downloaded rom into a folder

img So, first of download this little tool, to unpack & repack your boot

1 R33 build Presented to you by Unknown Porting Team :p is a first stable Cyanogenmod 12

for all of you ,i have patched it with mtk droid tool ,i made it by pc but those who dont have pc Step 2:Now Placed Recovery

rc (only if you are getting stuck at logo) boot/Replace only camera lines under #Camera from stock boot

This guide is only for MTK! This will work from same chip to same chip for example MT6582 to MT6582 or MT6577 to MT6577, MT6592 to MT6592

Hello frnds,THIS guide is for all mtk user who have jb/ics kernal and want to port custom roms for thier device

This topic was originally about porting TWRP to the Fairphone 2

Take port rom and base ROM(Any custom rom of mmx spark) Replace below files stock to port ROM :-1

Jan 03, 2015 · I bought Micromax A106 Unite 2 in May and rooted it of of course

For cross porting like mt6735 to 53 or xz use this cross porting method

img via HH [Tutorial] Porting ROM MTK device [PORT ROM] Pure Xperia Z2 UI Lenovo A316i [PORT ROM] Xperia Z3 Final Lenovo A316i; Tweak/Tips Irit Battery [PORT ROM] Flatro Style V2 Lenovo A316i; PES 2012 mod 2015 v1

img in some roms need to Feb 27, 2017 · ROM Porting Guide Lineage OS For any MTK 6592 Phone Full Tutorial 2 Needed system folder and boot

SO Without Wasting Much Time Here is Full Guide:- - Rename stock recovery

img is very important thing in custom rom  22 Jun 2016 Boot Unpack Repack Tool https://mega

How To Make A Custom Recovery For Any MTK Phone To be sincere with you, getting a custom recovery sometimes is very hard for some phones

img) Aug 08, 2016 · Step by Step video porting guide here : Video Guide -Delete boot

-----(use dsixda's kitchen/ mtk firmware adapter or any other boot

I will suggest you to use MTK Droid Root and Tools [Latest one]

img atau dikombinasikan antara ramdisk sumber dan kernel stock, kasus ini terjadi pada saat kita mau porting rom Lewa, S3 maupun S4

But it's advicable that you read the full porting GUIDE!

rc find #mali node compare with the mali node of your stock boot

Jan 20, 2018 · Go inside folder then go to com>google>android>updater-script and then edit mount points of "system" and "data"

Choose “ expack-mt65xx ” Your boot will decompile in few seconds

img Baru dan Paket ROM baru Anda dan Flash !! Ceria !!!! Porting Lewa OS5 ROM: * Ganti File-file dari Bursa ke Lewa OS5 ROM Kode: * Sistem / penjual * Sistem / usr * Sistem / lib / modules * Sistem / lib / hw Hello Friends, Finally Here CM 12

We have tried our best to share as much knowledge as we can on this guide to port Feb 01, 2014 · When I repack the boot

fstab Jan 06, 2020 · This is the latest version of MTK Firmware Adapter Tool in the year of 2020

Nov 10, 2015 · Boot into recoveryWipe DataWipe CacheWipe dalvik CacheWipe battery StatsFlash ROM And thats it

May 28, 2018 · In normal mtk rom porting for the same chipset

In this how to make TWRP tutorial, I will show you how to make a TWRP recovery on an already rooted phone

nz/#!ucV2xKzC! k7x2hhn5ojYesLXyTywtuHZs7-NSDJqMrMP55jI7a04 Abone Olmayı Unutmayın

IMG contains all the magic , it has the KERNEL inside which is one of the main thing

If you can forget, then I will advise you to be doing, delete and replace method

This comes in particularly handy for those on Lollipop and above where one-click-root apks like Kingroot don't work and would therefore require a custom recovery to root

Mudah-mudahan apa yang telah saya tulis dapat memberi manfaat buat teman-teman yang gemar atau baru akan memulai porting custom rom

img", then before flashing  14 Aug 2018 I succeded last year porting one for a mt6735

You can easily crossport roms to your MTK device without any bugs

From stock copy “kernel” to port folder and just replace it

2) newbies may find it complicated so please do not try this

img-dtb in BOOT-PORT/split_img/ with that of BOOT-BASE/split_img

img file QURepack Download [For Password Like my Facebook page and Message me] Step 1: Download and Unzip QURepack Download and Unzip QURepack

img Porting Kernel: Downlaod & Unzip MTK Boot IMG Tools Put =>boot_info - prints information about the boot

com/download/mere-v3-port/comment-  20 Jul 2015 Hello, I work on utility to unpack and repack boot

img in Port ROM -Delete/Remove" the following files and folders from PORT ROM folder

Kali ini saya Akan Memberikan Tutorial Cara Unpack Repack File img

img and paste and replace the stock kernel to custom rom kernel

img Now click Repack button and then click New Boot File button

My hobby is re-creating the custom Rom and making awesome tweaks in it

0+ and JDK How to Use MTK Firmware Adapter Tool : Oct 16, 2017 · In fastboot mode first I tried to check if I did properly ported the TWRP, because it is my first recovery porting, so I wanted to test it by fastboot boot recovery

so blobs and replace with these blobs: DOWNLOAD BLOBS Hello , Friends! I am pawan kumar from team porters

Porting a rom is always best for me if am using my phone, the only thing I use PC to do is if the rom am Porting requires me to port the boot image which is the boot

Copy the missing cam permission lines from stock to port init

img files, built-in support has now expanded to ChromeOS signed boot

rc,,, then i tried to flash the rom after repacking but i got stuck in We are updating this mtk rom porting guide

img for temporary usage, C:\adb>fastboot boot recovery

img to "ramdisk" and "split_img" as shown in figure

rc is read only once at system boot up, and it’s restored from the recovery image when rebooted

Root and Mobile Uncle and Recovery img in SD cardthat's it

To the point ! When you found a bug when porting a ROMs, you can try to fix using this methods! This guide is only for MTK! This will work from same chip to same chip for example MT6582 to MT6582 or MT6577 to MT6577, MT6592 to MT6592

img and open the folder named PORT-ramdisk and copy all the fil PORT-[QUOTE]ramdisk to boot

After downloading Android_image_kitchen, extract somewhere on desktop and place boot

Disini HH saya adalah LENOVO A369i yang memiliki chipset MTK ( MEDIATEK)

For example: you can port roms, from MT6572 KK to MT6572 KK from MT6582 KK to MT6582 KK from MT6592 KK to MT6592 KK from MT6589 KK… Sep 08, 2017 · Unpack boot

img Please note that you must have to follow the guide perfectly in order to port Miui 9 on your Mediatek device or else you may encounter several issues including Bootloop

Hi everyone its been many days i have updated the porting guide and as we all know that it is difficult to port MIUI roms and even if we boot its difficult to fix bugs in MIUI Rom’s

Sobat Download Dulu Bahan Untuk Unpack Repack img nya DOWNLOAD DISINI Go inside folder then go to com>google>android>updater-script and then edit mount points of "system" and "data"

0 Mtk android Best roms Mtk6592 Roms Mtk6592 custom roms ios 9 rom for Android Mt6592 rom Custom recovery installer Best custom rom Best Android roms Best Android custom roms turimex houston turimex dallas mtk flash tool mtk tool mtk tools mtk Droid tools mtk imei tool Custom os Custom os Android rom porting guide rom porting guide mtk6592 rom porting guide rom porting video guide Home Tutorials 7

Ezért kell mentés csinálni az MTKDroidTools-al az nvram-ról is, meg persze van and Boot gomb mellett jelöljük be a To chosse the boot

So the porting of ROM isn't as simple as replacing 2 files but a lot of complicated steps and at last debugging

img to the factory one, they both have the same offset where the kernel starts (0x00000800)

Step 3: (File Replacing) QURepack is a new mtk porting tool for MTK boot

img and open the folder named PORT-ramdisk and copy all the files from PORT-ramdisk to boot

if a host is connected via USB or UART and running the MTK SP Flash Tool

x phone and the ported TWRP from your android version doesn't seem to boot on your phone, then try recovery

Jangan porting rom dengan OS Lenovo, MIUI, COLOR OS, HUAWEI yang harung membongkar Boot

Sprout ROM Porting Guide Involves Fixes Such As RIL FIX,GPS Fix,2nd SIM and Hotspot Fixes and Many More

Jan 08, 2018 · The first release was the MTK Auto Philz Recovery porter

rc bootclash lines from stock to port system/bin About two weeks ago, I uploaded a video guide about porting and flashing Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on any Mediatek (MTK) device without root access

To port Custom ROM, all you need to have is a device with same SoC and it’s Custom ROM with your own Stock ROM

buat dua folder Base dan Port * Buka kedua folder ( base dan port )

IMG:-After successful creation of working folder you will find a new folder created named like-"WORKING_041214_135729"

Reply Delete I got cm13 custom rom for mtk6592 in mtkroms, i tried to flash it by making the necessary changes req for porting like replacing some files inside system folder with stock and also i extracted boot

img • Now build rom from working folder, zipalign apk’s, sign zip file Presenting you the porting guide to port MIUI 7 for MT6582

While others can be access by holding power button + volume down

img of an android  26 Jan 2017 Media Tek Boot Image Port Based MT6572 MT6582 MT6592 MT6580 And Many More Please First See This Full Video and This tools 100%  14 Aug 2018 Hey Guyz Welcome back New Porting Video In this video i m telling about how to port Boot

zip - tested on Windows 7 & above platform; Extract the Tool and you will get two folders named "stock" & "port" Copy boot

img passed to it) and to extract the ramdisk into a sub-folder as well (extracts the cpio from the gz and then How To Port Lollipop Based ROMs for MTK Kitkat Devices Only For Mediatek SOCs This guide applies to same chipsets: Example:MT6577 to MT6577MT6589 to MT6589MT6572 to MT6572MT6582 to MT6582 And works also for: MT6589 to MT6577MT6582 to MT6572MT6577 to MT6575 Before starting this tutorial, please make a backup of your ROMI am not responsible for any damage to your device, this guide is for expert Modifying init

rc and change bootclasspath if present and other regarding themes etc

Update Porting ROMs in MTK Smartphones is little bit easy, you must follow all above steps carefully, it's not 100% Sure that after follow this guide, rom will work properly or boot, you have to fix bugs of roms & Much more knowledge needed

The post below does not contain up-to-date information Today I started looking into TWRP recovery and made good progress

D4DROID 15,458 views To fix storage issues do change the below files and repack boot

rc FOR MT6582/MT6592 CHIP SETS: Use boot image from any device (same chip set) with a working lineage OS ROM May 22, 2014 · Hey guys, since many users want to have different ROMS , but can´t find any online, i decided to post this tool also here on the forum

On MTK Droid Tools go to root,backup, recovery tab and press backup wait for about 10-15 minutes for your rom to be backed up after the process is complete open the folder where you extracted MTK Droid Tools go too backups there will be a folder with the name of your device open it and there will be a boot

Feb 27, 2017 · Lineage is an alternative operating system intended to replace the one pre-installed on your smart phones and tablets

As, porting rom for mtk device is so much easy, so we Dreamy Tricks is updating this post to share more details about how to port mtk rom

Nov 28, 2016 · Saya kasih gambar porting di komputer, tapi bisa juga di lakukan menngunakan HH sobat

Porting from Same CPU & GPU:-NOTE:- When you are porting from a Similar device having same chipset like porting from:-MT6753 TO MT6753 MT6735 TO MT6735 Use this method (95% times working ):-System/lib & lib64:- I bought Micromax A106 Unite 2 in May and rooted it of of course

Apr 23, 2017 · Want to Port TWRP for MediaTek 64 bit MT67XX devices?Here’s the best way! Check out this post for more! With this method, you can port TWRP recovery for all latest devices of MT67XX which includes MT6735, MT6735M, MT6737, MT6737M, MT6752, MT6753, MT6755/helio P10, Helio x10, Helio p20, helio X20, helio x25, MT6797, MT6795

For more details follow Kernel Port Guide Final Step: Make Rom zip file Now select boot, logo, system and META-INF make it zip

img for unlocked bootloaders), MTK headers for zImage/ramdisk, and LG Bump/Samsung SEAndroid footers for boot

The method I present here relies on CyanogenMod's Android source code

img with the newly created kernel and install it on nandc it wont' boot past the android icon (u-boot)

Siapkan Base rom dan Port rom, base rom biasanya rom yang sudah jalan di android sobat, bisa base dari stock rom atau base dari custom rom yang memiliki bug paling kecil

Let you manually choose your device res, data/media device, flipped screen & uses all files from your stock recovery

img In sd card Auto-Port and Flash CWM Recovery On MTK Without Root - welcome to the blog Gadget Warrior, on this occasion we will discuss the information titled Auto-Port and Flash CWM Recovery On MTK Without Root as you are looking for, we have collect a lot of data to make this article so that you are satisfied with the information we convey, well please - Stock boot

It supports to both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system of Windows

hardware Hi, I am using "Symphony Helio S1", MT6753, Mali- T720, Kernel V- 3

i apreciate your answer and excuse my bad english Tool for Unpack/Repack Boot

13) Create another folder on your desktop and rename it " port " then copy the entire content of "recovery" folder (the "ramdisk" folder and the split_boot - More commonly known as split_bootimg

so I have made this guide so clear and easy with using simple terms and by picture representing

Nov 12, 2019 · You don’t need to know a thing & it’ll port a working TWRP for your MTK & that is why it is called Magic

img in Android Home Porting Guide Nougat Porting Guide For MTK 6592

rc This tutorial worked for porting MIUI, Baidu, Vibe UI, LeWa OS, AOSP based rom from different device to my MT6589 of same hardware

Kenapa harus dibongkar karena kita harus mereplase bootclasspath yang terdapat dalam ramdisk

X Marshmallow ROM Porting Guide How to Install APK’s, and OBB files in Bluestacks Repack boot

LOGO , BOOTIMG , RECOVERY and ANDROID partitions seem to be  Going to port to a mtk dual core lets see what happends

MTK Firmware Adapter/ Porting Tool Download dhtechking Adroid This Firmware Adapter tool is really useful for porting MTK Roms to Other Mediatek Phones Easily

(in rare cases you might also need knowledge of porting boot

img’s respectively from stock rom in “stock” folder & from port rom to “port” Unpack both boot

Mar 06, 2015 · After that, extract the MTK Droid tools to a desktop or anywhere you wish on your PC, open the folder and run MTK Droid Tools

65+), but when /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc0/11230000-msdc0/

img directly on the device, replacing it with the stock one would break such applications

hardware mt6589 Sep 27, 2016 · How to extract Android System

Earlier we shared on Changing Boot Logo on MTK devices and now on Porting Now, copy your stock ROM's recovery

2-0 For Micromax Canvas Nitro A310/A311 Team Win Recovery Project 3

Now copy all files from lib and replace in stock lib by skipping existing

2, the device only Works with 2 cpus and the other 6 appears offline, i don't know if the problema is android or i need some drivers, by the other way when i use info droid App or antutu benchmark, one recognize the mobile like mt6592 and the other says mt6592 - mt6582

mt65xx) file with Notepad++ and edit (compare with the fstab

While Google's AOSP only provides the tool to build the boot

rc; FOR MT6582/MT6592 CHIPSETS: Use boot image from any device (same chip set) with a working lineage OS ROM From System/lib/hw: Delete all mt6572

Aug 27, 2016 · Posted by leszczu8023 on 02:09 Android Kitchen , boot image , boot

img of mt6582 rename all from mt6582 to mt6572 Also open all the files search for mt6582 then rename it to mt6572 Open ueventd

First boot may take 2-3 minutes [Guide] MTK Rom Porting Reviewed by Unknown on 4:19 AM Rating: 5 Jun 22, 2016 · ROM Porting Guide Lineage OS For any MTK 6592 Phone Full Tutorial 100% Working - Duration: 15:26

kl —> folder : /system/usr/keylayout ( jika ponsel kita memiliki tombol HOME di layar utama ponsel kita) tapi jika tidak ada, maka kita hanya copy dan paste generic

Ekstrak aplikasi MTK porting kernel disana akan ada 2 folder yaitu folder stock dan folder port 3

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rc from initrd folder to port rom unpack boot img 8) now repack boot img 9) now go to port folder and select all files and right click to add to archieve and select archieve format zip and press ok 10) now ur rom is ported and ready for use Dec 12, 2014 · At First Download 1

Similarly now copy and paste all files by skipking exting to stock from port's e tc , etc/permission, xbin

If there is no maybe XDA Developer for your phone or no active developer or porter for your phone, then, you might be left behind the bar with no one asking you what you want

bin  4 Jul 2015 After the Boot ROM has completed the initialization of the core hardware, the GPIO pins, the UART, the USB 1

Using this guide you will be able to port MIUI V7 to your MT6582 device running Android Kitkat 4

Now open “ stok_recovery ” & “ port_recovery ” one by one & decompile them same as “ boot

2 Nouga MTK端末は似たスペックのモデルが各社から発売されているので移植元になれるTWRPが見つけやすい。 いるもの

Because I never had an experience with MTK before, I didn’t know about MTK porting

Hi guys, In this Video, i am gonna Show you Jun 20, 2015 · is a new mtk porting tool for MTK boot

kalo lewat HH, disarankan menngunakan Root Explorer yang bisa membuka dua folder kanan kiri

rc nya dan ganti dengan yang tadi di copy ( File yang di Dec 13, 2014 · Sebelumnya ane udah kasih tau Cara porting cipset MT6572 Sekarang Kembali ke folder Rom dan Ambil boot

rc * Now find these lines and replace with your cpu #Create Chip Property on early_property:ro

img into a separate folder (specified by the file name of the boot

Many guys were having some problems with this guide to port mtk rom with ease

NOTE Other MT6572 Users WILL have to port this rom to their devices

which you can use it to Port Firmwares like (MT6575 to MT6575, MT6572 to MT6572 and MTK6577 to MTK6577 etc) Requirements : Windows Rooted Devices

img decompiler/compiler of your choice) >> extract both boot

Yang akan saya bahas kali ini adalah cara porting custom ROM yaitu proses penyesuaian ROM hh lain agar bisa dipakai di hh kita

Mount points like this "mmcblk0p6" this is my device mount point of "system" and "mmcblk0p8" this is mount point of "data" you have to replace these mount points with your device mount points (install disk info app and yo can see the mount points of your device there)

OK, I Understand May 03, 2017 · This Firmware Adapter tool is really useful for porting MTK Roms to Other Mediatek Phones Easily

sobat androiders, itulah postingan saya tentang Cara Unpack Repack/Bongkar Boot

img (the TWRP that you want to port for your device) and paste it into "recovery-resources" folder

This tutorial will only work KitKat to KitKat porting & for same chipsets